Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Women Writers: Web Resources

The Romantic Era and Its Lady Poets

Web Resources

Ø Romantic Politics
A site drawn from a variety of books within the last thirty years broadly covering the politics of the Romantic Period. There are topics such as childhood, religion, motherhood, slavery, and urbanization. Each category has works cited for further reference, as well as subcategories at the top of the page. Much of the information coincides with the material and historical background we have been covering in class. 
Ø Romantic Circles
“A refereed scholarly Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture.” A resource site dedicated to all things Romantic, including authors’ works, pedagogies, gallery exhibitions, and scholarly criticism. Pages on authors give a short biography (unfortunately from Wikipedia), references their works, and where the authors are mentioned on the site.

Ø Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net
An e-journal featuring scholarly-length essays devoted to nineteenth century British literature, all of the contributors being from various universities worldwide.

Ø Voice of the Shuttle
A database providing access to a wide variety of subjects. The “Literature (in English)” provides lists of resources throughout the web pertaining to our class within these categories: English Literature by Genre, Romantics, and Victorian. The Genre page covers sites regarding Theater, Fiction studies, and Poetry studies. Romantics covers a wider variety, such as general resources over Romanticism; Authors, their works, sites about them, etc.; various topics during the period, such as the Gothic, the sublime, and the French Revolution; and specific journals (some of the sites listed here are throughout this Research Guide). The Victorian category is similarly sorted. Some links listed are void. 
Ø Corvey Women Writers on the Web

A site which provides a listing of works by women authors between 1796-1834, as well as contemporary reviews of their works (Use the author index in the upper right to access information. The search engine in frustrating at best). 

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